joi, 20 mai 2010

Unbreakable "Crossroads"


I’ve got too much crossroads on my mind,

Too much doubt I can’t deny

I don’t wanna' fight for breaking all the rules

My life still wonders how I win and lose


Maybe I’m just walking down the streets

That are too empty for me

Wanna' find the better one to chase my dreams

And I am trying to get over me


Cause everything that matters in my life

Is how I’m changing me to be in love;

I’m standing at the crossroads, gettin' through –

All the crazy things I do!


When I see these ways, I don’t know how –

Should I go to breathe my life?

Suddenly I saw a face that made me blind

I’ll choose the best way to get high!


Nobody cares, nobody knows

Why I am here and where I go

But only my best way is waiting for me

I want you to know that you are all I need!

Music: Alex Brashovean

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