joi, 20 mai 2010

Edict "Run Away"


I wanna smile,

I wanna dream a while

Cause all that happens

Is like a summer rain –

Comes for a second

And I forget the pain,

Now I’m just looking

To follow all this game…

So, I escape!


Run away

With no regrets,

Run away

From all these threats,

Run away

Someday I’ll get the power I need!

I want to run!

Run away

Faster and stronger,

Run away

Don’t look back in the past,

Run away

My universe is falling apart –

But I don’t care

I run away!


I close my eyes

To see my days and nights,

Everything changes –

My fears and my delights;

I took a chance

To leave mistakes and lies,

All by myself

I have now to decide,

So, I escape!

Music: Valeriu Cataraga

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