joi, 20 mai 2010

Mihai Traistariu & Natalia Gordienko - Island of Love

M:  Keep you on the top of my heart,
Getting’ in the heaven I’ve found
Touch you with my eyes –
Like simple reflection…
N: Wanna’ lock you deep in my mind,
I can talk to you with no sound,
You can light up all of my dreams –
A simple reflection…
M+N: Let’s get inside a perfect dream that never falls apart!

M+N: Let’s find our island of love
Where we’ll be alone
Island of love
Let’s just kiss the rainbow of love
Like never before
That’s the way we flow

Let’s find our island of love
Where we’ll be alone
Island of love
Let’s just kiss the rainbow of love
Like never before
That’s the way we have to flow.

M: Hold my breath and pray it never ends
Touch your skin to feel that flame
Standing close to you –
A simple reflection…!
N: Mystic fire lives in your soul,
It is meant to make me so strong
Everything is rising in love –
A simple reflection..!
M+N: Let’s get inside a perfect dream that never falls apart!

Final Bridge:
M+N: I feel this moment, I feel this moment …
N: Seems I wanna’ lose control,
M: I don’t wanna’ let you go
M+N: I will hide you deep in my soul,
My soul!

Music: Adrian Sandu


Dana Marchitan "Parte din Mine"


Te-am chemat în zori de zi

Să vii doar în visul meu –

Eşti viaţa mea;

Acum vreau doar tu să ştii

Că te voi iubi mereu –

Eşti tot ce am, eşti lumea mea!


Simt că viaţa mea e plină,

E a ta!
Acum ştiu că doar tu eşti

Lumina mea!
Simt că eşti parte din mine,

Numai tu!

Cum aş face să zâmbeşti?

Şi vreau să ştii,

Să ştii că te iubesc!


În tăcere te admir

Şi cred că te-am regăsit

În ce-am sperat;

O secundă de ai fi

Te-aş păstra la infinit,

Eşti tot ce am, eşti lumea mea!


De-aş avea un univers

Unde tu să locuieşti

Să nu te pierzi,

Ştiu că nu-l voi părăsi –

Ne vom pierde în poveşti

În zori de zi, doar în lumea ta!

Music: Ion Lincovschi

Unbreakable "Crossroads"


I’ve got too much crossroads on my mind,

Too much doubt I can’t deny

I don’t wanna' fight for breaking all the rules

My life still wonders how I win and lose


Maybe I’m just walking down the streets

That are too empty for me

Wanna' find the better one to chase my dreams

And I am trying to get over me


Cause everything that matters in my life

Is how I’m changing me to be in love;

I’m standing at the crossroads, gettin' through –

All the crazy things I do!


When I see these ways, I don’t know how –

Should I go to breathe my life?

Suddenly I saw a face that made me blind

I’ll choose the best way to get high!


Nobody cares, nobody knows

Why I am here and where I go

But only my best way is waiting for me

I want you to know that you are all I need!

Music: Alex Brashovean

Natalia Barbu "Let me be the one"

(Premiul National "Slagarul Anului - 2009")

/Hip-Hop part/
Ah, ah, eh, eh…let me be the one tonight
I wanna’ be with you tonight,
All night, all night (all, all, all night)
Just take my hand and touch the sky, get high, let’s try
Try, try, more, more
I have all night to be the one, to be the one (one, one, one)
I have no time so far to run, away to run
So far!
Let me be the one
Who will make you dream,
Maybe turn me on,
Let me drive you in;
Maybe I’m the one,
But for you I’m free
Let me make you fly,
Fly with me!
/Hip-Hop part/
I start the show with you inside, beside
All night, all, all, all night
Just let me be your own loved guide, all night
Let’s try (try, try, more, more)
I have all night to be the one, to be the one (one, one, one)
I have no time so far to run, away to run
So far!

Music: Alex Brashovean, Featuring: Broono

Natasha Gordienko "Sunny Fantasy"


From the morning light

Till the hottest night

Love is all around

Sunshine on my mind!

Nasty summertime

Has opened up my eyes!

Dancing on the beach

Got me feeling free

Hottest memories

Take me to a dream –
Where I’m swimming in your life

In the summertime!


Sunny fantasy

Makes me feel like this

Moving with the waves

I’m a dizzy mess

Drown in summer heat

You will be my breeze

Take me to your dream!


You’re my sunny fantasy

It’s like electricity

I know all your mysteries

Only you can make me free


Days in paradise,

Nights are pretty wild;

If I close my eyes

I can feel your touch…

Take my summer love –

And hold me for a while!

Dancing on the beach,

Got me feeling free

Hottest memories

Take me to a dream –
Where I’m swimming in your life

In the summertime!

Music: Alex Brashovean

Alexandru Manciu - "Asculta-mi tacerea"

Pe unde te ascunzi din nou
Si nu mai stiu cat pot s-astept
Sa treaca timpul fara rost
Chiar daca nu vreau sa te pierd;
Mi-e greu sa iert cuvintele
Pe care le aud si-acum,
As vrea sa te reintalnesc
Sa te privesc si-ncet sa-ti spun…

Mi-ai dat viata in care
Pot sa fiu fericit
Esti o parte din mine,
Si simt –
Esti in sufletul meu
Dac-ai sti ce-i il el
Poate n-am sa mai simt ca te pierd!

Te-am cautat de mii de ori
Sa te gasesc in amintiri
Ai revenit fara sa-ntrebi,
Fara sa-mi spui de ce ma chemi...

(Refren) Final Bridge: 
Asculta-mi tacerea
Si spune-mi incet un raspuns ce-l astept
Aproape de tine mai pot sa cred!

Music: Alex Brashovean

Gloria "Pray"


‘Love the way you listen while I talk,

Looking to my eyes without sound

I won’t search for reasons anymore;

‘Love the way you take me as I am

You’re my wonder every single day

You’re the only one who raises me up!


Pray for unbreakable feelings,

I pray for my everything,

Close my eyes to see your face

You’re all I have the best

And thank you for being mine!


‘Need you always being by my side,

Breathing every moment with delight

Livin’ in a dream that never stops;

‘Need you when I fight with loneliness

It can make me mad, you know it hurts

Save me when I want you to be there!

Music: Alex Brashovean, New Version on Alexandru Manciu's album

Edict "Run Away"


I wanna smile,

I wanna dream a while

Cause all that happens

Is like a summer rain –

Comes for a second

And I forget the pain,

Now I’m just looking

To follow all this game…

So, I escape!


Run away

With no regrets,

Run away

From all these threats,

Run away

Someday I’ll get the power I need!

I want to run!

Run away

Faster and stronger,

Run away

Don’t look back in the past,

Run away

My universe is falling apart –

But I don’t care

I run away!


I close my eyes

To see my days and nights,

Everything changes –

My fears and my delights;

I took a chance

To leave mistakes and lies,

All by myself

I have now to decide,

So, I escape!

Music: Valeriu Cataraga

Dyma "The End"


Look at me now

How does it feel?

To go crazy day by day;

What have you done, -

With all my life?


You have to go,

It is too late

And you know it very well;

I have to go –

Leave me alone!


Sorry this story

Was a mistake

No reason to worry –

Don’t be afraid

Sorry this story

Isn’t for us

So, this is the end!


Lost in myself,

No chance to find –

What was wrong and what was right;

Why have we run, -

Loosing the time?

Music: Alex Brashovean

Imnul Fabricii de Staruri


Am visat sa ajung

Sa ma admire,

Sa ma priveasca o lume intreaga

As vrea sa cant

As vrea s-ating

Steaua mea!

Am atatea emotii,

Cand scena ma cheama –

Se-aprinde o noua stea

Am lumina in ochi

Si pot visa!


Stiu ca voi fi un star,

E sansa mea

Emotiile-s la maxim si lumea-i a mea;

Stiu ca voi fi un star

Ce mult as vrea

S-aprind o stea!


Fabrica de Staruri si tara intreaga

Ma vor face primul, s-ajung departe

Fabrica de Staruri, e scena a noastra –

Alege un star!


Vreau sa am mii de fani

Sa cant pentru ei

Si scena intreaga va fi a mea;

Ma va ajuta

Ce am cautat –

Steaua mea!

Music: Alex Brashovean, Lyrics: Alina Dabija

Catalina Caraus "Dreamer in the rain"


Whispers all around

Coming through my window,

Wanna make no sound,

Living in this world of wonders


A dreamer in the rain

Happiness is my heart beating

I’m on a standing wave

Like a flying bird, I am –

A dreamer in the rain

A dreamer in the rain..


Mirror of my heart

Is alike an ocean

I have seen it once

Being so lifelike and loving!

A dreamer in the rain..

Dreamer in the rain..


My love, my all

My everything is an ocean of magic feelings

Higher and higher

Shining on

Being so happy I feel the light rain..

Feel the light rain.

Music: Andrei Sava

Catalina Caraus "Lonesome"


Listen to your inner voice,

It’s not hard to make a choice –

You won’t be mistaken if you love;

Fly me to your waiting heart

When some words are weak inside

And you forget about the time…


Traveling around your world,

Need you like I did before

I’m lighting the wonders of your soul;

Moon is smiling to my life

It reminds me of your eyes

Want you forever by my side!


I want you to discover why I’m here,

I want you to discover memories,

To treat me like a dream you wanna’ see…


Tell me why I’m still lonesome,

My feelings have no sound – Feel alone!

Holding on, all by my lonesome

Your feelings can’t be found –

Around my heart!


Wanna’ reach out to the hand

Of the truth I’ve never heard,

I won’t walk away for all my trust;

Will you make me whole again?

Distance keeps me in your flame –

Loving the way you call my name!

Music: Alex Brashovean

Ionel Istrati "Wait"


Nothing but your body style

Baby, can impress me

Can’t you see that it is time

For us to get real!

Come and hold me for a while,

Don’t be slow and shy

Cause I’m gonna’ take you high –

Come closer!


Going crazy, deeply, I –

Wanna’ love you so…


Wait! Can’t believe you wanna’ leave!

I’m available and free

Wanna’ be inside your heaven…

Wait! Only you can follow me

I’ve got everything you need

Baby, we can be together!


You are dangerous to me,

Maybe too exciting

Why you roll your eyes and keep

Laughing and playing?

Wanna’ tell you one more time –

I can read your mind,

One day I will make you mine –

Believe me!

Akord "Driving Away"


Why I’m me –

On this one-way street

Crazy speed

This is all I need

Brand new life

Without any stress

Taking time

Nothing is the same!


Driving my life away in crazy rhythm

Feeling it deep inside,

Just driving away from lost and wrong illusions

How can I change my life?

Driving my life away and speeding up

Hitting the highway

I’m driving away from all the wasted time

What if I never stop?



Driving my life away out of the blue

Nobody in my way

Just driving away to one new destination

Where’s that perfect place?

Driving my life away from yesterdays

All that is left behind

I’m driving away when everything is said

What if I wanna start?


All I have to do is to drive my life away,

All I have to say is that world is not the same.

Music: Viorel Tiganas

Alexandru Manciu "De-ar fi viata o zi"


Sunt zile in care dispari

Si fara sa vrei ai totul –

O viata ce te-a asteptat

Cand n-ai stiut!

Chiar crezi ca ai ceea ce vrei?

Chiar crezi ca vezi tot in lumea ta?

Oare stii

Ca doar eu te chem

Sa fii a mea!


De-ar fi viata o zi –

Ai fi parte din ea

Langa mine sa fii as vrea;

De-ar fi viata o zi

Drumul tau va veni

Doar spre mine, intr-o zi!


Culoarea din sufletul tau

Nu pot sa o vad. Se pierde…

Ingheata sa nu-ti fie greu

Cand simti ce vrei!

Music: Alex Brashovean, Lyrics: Alina Dabija

Alexandru Manciu "Hide me in your love"

Show me all the reasons you’ve got,

And I’ll turn right back around

To stay, stay, stay next to you!

Hey, don’t be lady scandalous

It is not your perfect style

And stay, stay, stay in my world!


I need to know right now

If you’ve fallen for me

And this time it’s for real,

Don’t make me stop!

I think it’s time to say,

The words you’ve never heard

It’s just the way I feel

It’s what I want…


Hide me in your love, love, love

I will take you slow, slow, slow

And listen to my lonely soul –

You are my all!

Hide me in your love, love, love

You’re so sweet and low, low, low,

But I will never let you go

Cause you are my all!

Music: Alex Brashovean, lyrics: Alina Dabija

Katalina Rusu "Sparky Lady"

(Premiul National "Slagarul Anului - 2009", locul 5 etapa nationala "Eurovision-2009")
Words are comming like perfect shadows,
I am searching you at the crossroads
I’m in labyrinth, I am burning
Cause my fears can stop my breathing;
I wanna go on this way
No regrets about yesterday
Taking chances, I took the role
To make shine all your funky world…
I’m getting now over me
I am trying to change my mind
Like a spy in a freaky dream
I don’t give up, cause I always shine
Sparky lady for your funky world
You are giving me what I want
There’s nothing that I cannot do
I’m a spy, when you want to go
Sparky lady for your funky dreams
You will come, but I won’t be here
I’m a shadow, running your dreams
Take me high; I am on your way!
Smoke is making my eyes so blind
Take my all, take my days and nights
I don’t wanna get back in darkness
I don’t wanna fell on my knees
Now I’m saving your words and wills
There’s nothing to hide or loose –
Just a second to think and choose
I’ll make shiny your funky world…

Music: Alex Brashovean, Lyrics: Alina Dabija