luni, 7 martie 2011

Nicoleta Nuca - Speechless

My worlds’ fallin' asleep -

In loneliness,
Like there’s no sun and rain
And there’s nothing but a pain..
My world in black and white
Wants to breathe and shine
Like it’s praying for my heart,
When it all falls apart!
Wanna’ know the reason why,
I’m a prisoner of time?
I will pray for broken hearts,
'Cause I know how much it hurts!

Why I am speechless without you,
Who was wrong, who was right
We still don’t know…
Why you are speechless when I come
Let me know what’s in your heart!
Look into my eyes, embrace my soul,
Every time you leave, it’s getting cold

And when the sky is crying
Remember me...
Listen to the raindrops,
Maybe you will hear my voice!
Where are those sunny days?
Full of happiness
When we used to run and laugh,
Until we had to say goodbye!
I’m the whisper in the wind,
Wanna’ get into your dream
I’m a star above you head,
Praying for your happiness!

Don’t say nothing, when it’s over,
I’m just speechless, I am sober,
And the rest is silence in your dreams!

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