vineri, 28 ianuarie 2011

Serghei Abalin - You rule my world

Our love together
Is like a strange adventure,
When you play your games on me!
Fancy lady - million thoughts,
I, I’m in love with all that!
Even if you think you’re always right.

Ok, let’s play another game,
Tell me, what’s on your mind today?
Surprises, no answers,
Well, I’ll find you anyway!
Why don’t you like my silence, babe,
When I don’t wanna play your game?
Surprise it’s no answer...

You rule my world!
Everything’s about our love, oh
All I wanna say is oh, oh -
Only you can move me so, oh, oh!
You rule my world!
When I hear you saying oh, oh!
You know how to take me slow, oh
Only you can move me so, oh, oh!

I know your secrets,
But I will let you keep ‘em,
It will make you happy, babe!
Sometimes you are so romantic,
But at times so enigmatic,
That’s why babe, I’m still loving you!

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