miercuri, 17 noiembrie 2010

Natalia Barbu - Destiny

In your eyes,
I can find the power of my love
for you my babe!
My sunshine,
Every morning I wake up
Thinking of us!

I’m walking down the streets,
Dreaming of your kiss
Honey is calling:
How do you do my love?
I’m smiling to my life,
Telling you that I’m allright,
Honey, tonight
Let’s fly above the sky!

[chorus ]
I believe in destiny, my lover
I believe in our love together
Oh, oh, oh...
Gimme more and more
Oh, oh, oh...
Come into my world!

Oh tonight,
I am going out with my best friends
And having fun!
They’re telling me,
You are everything I really need
My dear!


3 comentarii:

  1. la virsta ei si are atitea melodii si poezii frumoasa..e binisor! R.

  2. piesa se numeste destiny din cate stiu,nu?