joi, 23 septembrie 2010

Natalia Godienko & Adrian Ursu - Love Rain

A rainy night,
I like to hear the thunder
It’s like I feel-
Only your heart my lover,
Beating for my love,
Cause I know you make me strong!
I feel your hands –
Raindrops are loving tears,
It’s like we are –
Loved by this rain, my baby,
So much words to say,
But our love is still the same…

Love rain, love rain–
Falling for us,
I just wanna’ hold you with my burning heart;
Love rain, love rain –
Falling for us,
When I’m silent, babe, stop and look me in the eyes!

No one’s around,
World is for you and me,
We are the time,
You give me power, baby,
To believe in dreams,
There’s nothing as it seems.
It’s our rain,
Waiting for us to say –
Nothing can stand in our way
Kiss me in the rain,
You can make me whole again!

[Final Bridge]
Love, love rain,
Only you and me,
Baby I can swear –
You give me everything I need!


Music by Sandu Gorgos

5 comentarii:

  1. suflet, suflet si iar suflet!! brava Alinuta:*

  2. mie mi-e interesant cine e muza acestei domnite frumoase???

  3. Daaaaa, de frumoasa e frumoasa, nu pariez! o cunosc putin, da mi sa parut stranie prima data cind am vazuto!!! principalu talentu..daaaaaa:X de la vadim!

  4. da si eu cred ca piesa e foarte frumoasa